Human resources

Our values

Because it is women and men who are the primary resource of Aximum, our Human Resources policy is based on strong values that are shared by all, around 6 essential attitudes and 5 major commitments.

Our human values

because each employee is
an "entrepreneur" driven by a will to get involved
and to succeed at the service of a shared vision
and our customers
at the service of
collective performance
and the general interest
through actions carried out each day, with a permanent concern for safety for oneself and others, professionalism, exemplary behaviour and respect for
towards new functions
and new horizons, to enable our employees to develop and support
the strategy of the company
for constant self-reappraisal, to be more attentive and observant and to help to ensure
that each employee always continues to make progress
of profiles, which enable points of view to be compared, to better understand and anticipate evolutions to our environments

Our commitments

protecting the health and ensuring the physical integrity of our employees is the priority at every moment

attract and integrate the best, favouring diversity of profiles, cultures and training

the specifics of our professions require learning our techniques, products and know-how. We set out to train our employees throughout their professional lives, to enable them to adapt and progress in a changing environment

favouring social mobility, and anticipating and responding to desires for geographical and functional transfers, contributes to the recognition of talent and the well-being of our employees

the role of each manager is to favour the creation of a local and trusted relationship, which makes everyone accountable and develops their potential

Our diversity

Our ambition :
to provide the opportunity to build varied and stimulating professional careers,
recognising everyone for their skills, their experience, their innovation and their potential

Join us

Why ?

Are you seeking a work-experience course, a first job, or would you like to give a new impetus to your career?

As a comprehensive operator in safe and reliable mobility, Aximum is distinguished by a great variety of know-how and technologies at the service of its customers. Joining us will make you a player in a profession that is a priority for the future of humanity and will enable you to progress with us, particularly thanks to our policy encouraging development and training.

You will contribute to providing solutions to local authorities and private operators, in a responsible and committed company whose teams reflect the diversity of society.

All our offers are also published on the Agefiph site, to contribute to employing all those who are confronted with permanent or temporary disability.


You can apply online and consult the job offers in our various professions, as well as those of our parent company, Colas, and its subsidiaries. 

No job offers correspond to your search ? You can also make an unsolicited application.


We take training for students seriously, which also enables them to discover our professions. Work-experience courses are also an opportunity to identify talent with the aim of hiring young graduates. On average, the work-experience courses have a duration of 3 to 6 months. You can also perform a work-experience course as a manual worker for a minimum period of one month, paid according to your level of education. We offer jobs as part of work/study programmes, which help you to improve your skills by combining theory and practice. Commitment, involvement and motivation are the qualities that we seek.

You can apply online and consult the offers for work-experience courses or work/study positions in our various professions, and those of our parent company, Colas, and its subsidiaries. 

Relationships with schools

Policy on relationships with schools

Aximum maintains close links with partners in the world of teaching and sets up concrete actions to facilitate and enhance access by students to our various professions. Thus, we prefer to present our activities, production factories and specialised laboratories through exchanges and meetings with our teams, visits to work sites and discovery of our production sites. The work-experience courses are an excellent opportunity to make yourself known while discovering our business sector and our values.

Partners of EIVP and ESIGELEC, we also have privileged links with the partner schools of the Colas Group.

Come and meet us

Aximum participates in numerous school forums.  It is an ideal opportunity to meet our human resources managers and our operators, for concrete discussions on the opportunities that we could offer you and to develop your professional network.

Schools forum programme 2015-2016 (pending) 


A closer look at a site manager’s role

According to Thierry, the role of a site manager is to: “take charge of monitoring the site. To simplify, before obtaining a site, it is my duty to go to the site that we hope to win! I’ll examine it and gather information, see what materials and labour are required, which will allow the works supervisor to prepare a quote. Once the sites are obtained, I’ll organise the labour and machinery schedules so that the site can be developed under optimal conditions. During construction, I am the link between the clients and the teams, I deal with any problems, I check that everything is in order, that site progress can continue under optimal conditions and that the client is happy.

Another site manager, Guy, says what he enjoys in his job is: “communicating, passing on my knowledge, managing and learning!”

Sébastien, site manager, says that in his role he enjoys: “working outdoors, constantly changing location, getting to know the country in a way by working in different French départements. It’s kind of like travelling, but still working of course!”

According to Bérangère, “teamwork and working on projects that everyone will enjoy and that we are proud of taking part in” are the main reasons why she decided to follow this career path. She believes that the main qualities required for this job are “knowing how to manage a team, being thorough and organised and being able to work equally as effectively in hot and cold weather.”

A closer look at a machine and vehicle fleet manager’s role

Guillaume describes his job as “being in charge of maintenance schedules in collaboration with the workshop supervisors and checking the validity of regulatory inspections (technical inspections, vehicle repair).” 

A closer look at a production manager’s role

For Audrey, working in production “means that you can see projects and contracts taking shape. This involves teamwork, with all skilled factory work groups and various existing support services (sales, R&D, purchasing, BE post-conception etc.) The main qualities needed to do this job are responsiveness and adaptability!”

The main tasks involved in this role according to Frédéric are “overseeing that production runs smoothly while keeping to budgets, deadlines and ensuring the quality of the goods manufactured.” I spend a lot of my time working on the technical side of production and managing the production teams.”

A closer look at a works supervisor’s role

For Cédric, “the works supervisor is the cornerstone of the company: in one regard they make the clients wishes a reality, and in another, they ensure the economic value of our colleagues on-site.”

According to Pierre, “the works supervisor is the front person on-site, they guarantee the quality of the work carried out, team leadership, and ensure that safety, deadline and cost rules are followed. Listening, communication and interactive skills with clients (public and private), sales ability, a sense of respect and a taste for a challenge are essential qualities in order to fulfil their duties.”

Laura says that what motivated her to do this job was “getting to see and manage the development of a site. Combined with working on something concrete. I also like going into sites to talk with my teams about what is going well and what needs to be improved. However, this adds more responsibility and pressure, but it’s a part of the job and I like that too.”


In November 2014, Aximum signed an agreement with Agefiph, which is supporting us in our intention to develop the rate of employment of disabled employees.

Aximum is also a member of Tremplin, an association sponsoring disabled students, and Passerelle 93, an association which intermediates between companies and students in the region of Seine-Saint-Denis.

In the field of integration into employment, Aximum is continuing its commitment to apprenticeship. We are also strengthening our partnerships with local players (temporary work companies in the field of employment integration, GEIQ) and local authorities, particularly through the implementation of "integration into employment" clauses in public contracts.

Tremplin and Passerelle 93 logos, as well as that of Agefiph.