Safe mobility, our future

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Mobility, a veritable mainstay of society.

Innovation in transport is driven by changes in usage patterns and marked by the concept of mobility, which includes and transforms that of transport.

Going well beyond just the idea of overcoming distance, mobility is increasingly understood as a means of creating links, synergies and opportunities.

Travellers, workers and roaming citizens see it as an injustice to be deprived of it. Mobility now forms part of the standard way of life of society and contemporary economies. 

Some figures concerning

10 K€
  • share of the budget devoted by households to food
  • share of the budget devoted to mobility
88 %
  • travellers journeys are on the road
  • goods transport is on the road
(Union Routière de France - 2013)
  • average time spent in the car every day
  • average time spent on the Internet every day
1 French person
in 3 is multimodal

a major issue for mobility

43 %
lethal accidents happening at night
(Road safety - 2014)
1 lethal accident in 3
falling asleep at the wheel
(Road safety - 2014)
77 %
the seriously injured are vulnerable users (not protected by bodywork): motorcyclists, moped users, cyclists and pedestrians
(Road safety - 2014)
36 %
exceed the limit at night against 23% during the day
(Road safety - 2014)

AXIMUM, the comprehensive operator in safe and reliable mobility

It is only when mobility is safe and reliable that it can create economic activity and social links.