We are convinced that it is only when mobility is safe and reliable that it can create economic activity and social links.

This conviction guides our actions and orients our choices, to make mobility a safer, more reliable and more sustainable experience, to be enjoyed in complete confidence. 


Our mission, within towns, villages or on the roads, is to contribute to ensuring that all families can come together in the evening just as they were when they went out in the morning.

Supporting our customers at the service of this legitimate aspiration unites our teams and motivates our daily actions.

This ideal inspires accident-prevention measures covering our employees and strengthens links within the company.


Our commitment implies exemplary behaviour in all dimensions of our organisation and our impact on the experience and lives of users can only be designed with an ethical approach and awareness of others.

Attentive to our customers, we strive to understand them and support them. This is also the direction of our CSR approach, which addresses all of our stakeholders.


In a changing world, where major and rapid developments are taking place, we are convinced that the assimilation of past experience and our ability to innovate and anticipate developments will enable us to adapt our proposals to the current upheavals.

By understanding the issues of the present and imagining those of the future, we will develop appropriate solutions, which preserve the environment and contribute to securing all forms of mobility.